WP5: Data Collection and Comparison

Top level technological objectives

  • To define a set of common test cases
  • To develop an agreed methodology for validation, evaluation and comparison on the basis of the chosen test cases
  • To develop the Solution Data Base (SDB) for storing the data created and used by participants in the course of the project
  • To compare and assess the developed gust simulation technologies
  • To analyse the obtained results with respect to the program objectives

Description of work

The focus of this work package is the consolidation of the data, produced in work packages 2, 3 and 4, and the evaluation of the results with respect to the aims of the project. The provision of a single database of results, applied to the same test cases, will provide a common format to foster the greatest possible level of collaboration.

Validation, evaluation and comparison are required for a number of test cases. The different levels of maturity of the technologies developed both initially and as the project evolves, require test cases of varying complexity.

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